The Tommy Wi-Show Season 1 DVD is here!

Tommy Wi-Show fans rejoice! Season 1 of The Tommy Wi-Show is finished and finally you can own it in stunning DVD form! NOW ON SALE!!!

Unfamiliar with The Tommy Wi-Show? Familiarize yourself thoroughly with our handy dandy Definitive Guide to The Tommy Wi-Show!

Here’s what the DVD case looks like:




For only $15 (plus $2 shipping within the U.S.), you get:


  • All 10 episodes of The Tommy Wi-Show‘s mind-bending, video game-failing first season!
  • Every bonus video we ever released during Season 1!
  • 16 minutes of never-before-seen behind-the-scenes Tommy Wi-Show on-camera goofs and outtakes!
  • 3 special private video messages from the man himself, Tommy Wiseau, to you, the fans!
  • Another 30 minutes of ultra-secret content that we can’t reveal here, half of which has never been released in any way before! (HINT: You’ll find out what it is immediately after you buy it!)


It’s over 2 1/2 hours of breath-taking sci-fi comedy, Tommy Wiseau-filled content, smooshed onto one professionally-produced, gorgeous Dual-Layer All-Region DVD (it was too big for one standard DVD!), all shrink-wrapped and delivered fresh right to your door for only $15!

And for a LIMITED TIME, we are offering 2 DVD’s for only $25! So you can order 2 DVD’s and give one to a friend as a gift. Or keep it all nice and sealed up on your favorite shelf as a collector’s item. Or watch one and put some salad dressing on the other one and eat it. You know you kinda want to try that.

And for an even more LIMITED TIME, we are offering 5 DVD’s for just $50! That’s $10 per DVD, but you better have enough people in your life to share them with or they’ll go to waste!

Here’s a commercial we made for the DVD and it’s pretty neat:

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Please allow 2-3 days for delivery within the US (outside the US, please allow 1-2 weeks to make it through customs). All content on The Tommy Wi-Show is UNRATED and ridiculous. You have been warned.