Our web series “Matt’s Game Chamber!”


This page contains most or all of the info regarding our web series entitled “Matt’s Game Chamber.” The above playlist contains every video in the series we released (you should watch all of them right now!). Below you will find info on the cast and crew, a list of press and interviews about it, as well as anything else we decide to throw at you.

All episodes are on Studio 8’s YouTube Channel and it’s hosted by comedian Matt Ingebretson as he interviews various other comedians while they play video games.

Starring: Matt Ingebretson, Kyle Kinane, JC Coccoli, Brent Weinbach, Lauren Ashley Bishop, Joe Wengert, Nick Rutherford, Matt Mira, April Richardson, Guy Branum, Jackie Kashun, Brandie Posey, Allen Strickland Williams, Megan Koester, Jan Davidson, and Brock LaBorde.
Directed by Behn Fannin.
Written by Matt Ingebretson, Brock LaBorde, Brandie Posey, Zach Ames, Dave Schilling, & Allen Strickland Williams.
Produced by Matt Ingebretson, Brock LaBorde, Dave Schilling, Brandie Posey, & Zach Ames.


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