Tommy Wi-Show Series Trailer

Earth’s favorite cult film superstar, Tommy Wiseau, engages in a no-holds-barred struggle against mysterious alien forces and a million different video games in this new weekly series that’s part talk show, part video game reviews, and infinite amounts of weird sci-fi insanity.

It’s everything you never knew you wanted in a show.

It premieres on Sept. 25, 2011 and new episodes hit every Sunday!

This original series is produced by Studio 8 & Machinima.

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Introducing The Tommy Wi-Show!

For the past few months, we have been hard at work producing a fancy new series for the awesome company Machinima, and now it’s finally time for the world to know (almost) all about it! It’s called “The Tommy Wi-Show” and it stars Tommy Wiseau, the man who created one of our favorite films of all time, “The Room.” Tommy was also the star of our comedic horror project “The House That Drips Blood on Alex,” which aired on Comedy Central last year.

We are so excited and fortunate to be working with Tommy and an amazing small crew of badasses, and we think that this show is different than anything else we’ve ever done and it’s probably different than anything anyone else has ever done – part talk show, part video game review show, and part retro sci-fi strangeness. The series premieres on Sunday, September 25, and will plop out new episodes every Sunday (and lots of bonus videos in between!).

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Here’s a teaser trailer for the show:

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