Help Fund Studio 8's Newest Book!

Studio 8’s head writer, Brock LaBorde, has finished writing his second book! It’s called “You Are the Messiah,” and after talking to lots of publishing companies about it, he’s decided to strike out on his own and self-publish it (just like he did with his first book).

Basically, his new book is a funny, irreverent take on the popular “Choose You Own Adventure” book series, only in Brock’s book, you get to play the part of Jesus Christ back in the Bible days and you get to take Jesus and his disciples on all sorts of fantastic adventures by reading pages, being presented with different paths to choose, and then turning to different pages based on those choices. There are tons of good and bad endings and many unexpected twists and turns that definitely were not in the Bible.

By self-publishing his book, Brock doesn’t have to worry about sacrificing any of the funny stuff. And he gets to use the dozens of fantastic illustrations from the talented artist Carla Tome, who filled the book with lots of great drawings that look just like all the dorky CYOA books of times past.

Doesn’t that sound like a cool book? You bet it does! So if you want to have that book in your hands within the next month or so, all you have to do is help get that mug printed up by clicking on the above Kickstarter widget (and sending it along to your friends!).

So aside from being able to reserve your very own copy of the book, you’ll also get the chance to purchase some really fun rewards with each and every donation! Don’t believe us? Then click on that link up there, watch the silly video, and read all the prizes for yourself, you goof!

And be sure to check back often as Brock will be releasing more videos, more prizes to win, and more toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Thanks for all of your support and let us know what you think!

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