PSA - "Premature Babies"

This is our PSA for mommas, babies, and baby mamas. Everybody needs to listen to this and do what it say do.

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View PSA - "Premature Babies" on Youtube to rate, comment, favorite, and embed it.'s 2009 SXSW Schedule

We’re going to The South By Southwest Film & Music Festival to do several fun things and if you’d like to join us there, this is the place to find our up-to-the minute schedule! We’ll be having live screenings of some never-before-seen videos, Terp 2 It will be performing his rapping music, Brock and Chris will do their McDonald’s sketch show, and there’s even going to be some fun standup comedy. And our music video “F*ck This City” was chosen as an official selection of the festival, so it will be playing all week around town, too. You must absorb all of it please.


Saturday March 14th
7:30p – Terp 2 it/Chris Trew/ @ 311 E. 5th St. (Bar Camp)

Wednesday March 18th
4:00p – Chris Trew @ Rainbow Cattle Co. (Hosting Chicken Ranch Records party)

Thursday March 19th
8:00p – Chris Trew/ 2 it @ Spider House Events Center
(The Big Pig Comedy Show)

Friday March 20th
9:50p – Terp 2 it @ Prague (Official SXSW Showcase)

Saturday March 21st
2:00p – Terp 2 it @ Emerald City Press
9:10p – Chris Trew @ Velveeta Room (Official SXSW Comedy)

Sunday March 22nd
12:00p – Chris Trew @ Spider House (Comedy for Breakfast)
8:00p – Terp 2 it @ Spider House Events Center (Nerdcore Nerdfest)

“F*ck This City” Screening Times

7:30 PM, Friday March 13th – Alamo Lamar 3
2:30 PM, Wednesday March 18th – Alamo Ritz 2
5:30 PM, Saturday March 21st – Alamo Ritz 2

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Studio 8 Interviewed on Geekscape!

Brock and Chris were recently invited to sit in on an episode of the fantastic weekly podcast on, which is a vast informational source for all kinds of fun, dorky things likes Star Trek movies, video games, books, chicks, fartings, and washed-up action heroes.

Brock & Chris with Jonathan London

Brock & Chris with Jonathan London

Go HERE to watch it cuz I can’t figure out how to embed it on here yet.

We had a super-swell time and they pretty much let us say and do whatever we wanted. It was a real treat. Special thanks goes to Jonathan and Gilmore for having us and we promise that we’ll never reveal the secret that Gilmore is really 10 inches tall and has to be green-screened into the show to make him appear human-sized.

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At the movies!

I saw Snakes in Planes last night and while I can’t say that the movie itself was very funny, I sure felt funny watching it, as if I was helping the rest of the internet’s hype-mongerers tell a really great punchline for a HUGE joke. Like now I could finally tell one of my good snobby intellectual friends that I just saw Snakes on that Plane and they would roll their eyes and sigh and say, “Oh my god. Are you serious?” And I could just smile proudly and say, “Yeah, I can’t believe it!”

And maybe I would slap my forehead and stick my tongue out and then we would both have a knowing laugh together and feel way smart and hip.

Then my friend would drop his thick book that he was reading (that’s not on any bestseller list because he’s too non-commercial for that) and when he would bend down to pick it up, I would make a fart sound and he would get confused and think he really farted and then we’d laugh even more and I’d slip on a banana peel and then I’d start farting little squeaker farts and we’d start howling with laughter until security would ask us to leave and stop disturbing the library’s periodical department even though nobody goes in there anymore.

So we’d leave the library and pass a poster for Planes with Snakes on Them: Part 2 and we’d both stop and say, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” But nope, nobody would be kidding us and we’d shit our pants and then we’d be in some real trouble!

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