These are things we made that you can buy.

The Tommy Wi-Show DVD

Wi Show DVD Case


It’s over 2 1/2 hours of breath-taking sci-fi comedy, Tommy Wiseau-filled content, smooshed onto one professionally-produced, gorgeous Dual-Layer All-Region DVD (it was too big for one standard DVD!), all shrink-wrapped and delivered fresh right to your door!

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“Improv Wins” Book

Improv Wins-WebCoverImprov Wins is a textbook designed for modern improvisers of all experience levels and backgrounds. Written by Studio 8 founder Chris Trew and his wife Tami Nelson!

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Focus Up Shirt


Show your pride and support for wrestling manager with one of his kickass “Focus Up” shirts!

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Terp2It – “Half Man Half Beard” Album

Half Man Half Beard is another mix of actual hip-hop and comedy, which Terp2it has dubbed “Performance Artcore.”

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This is Brock LaBorde’s second book. It’s a funny Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-like interactive book in which you play Jesus Christ back in the Bible days. It belongs on your couch or e-reading device.

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Terp2It – “My Wiener Touches the Ceiling” Album
My Wiener Touches the Ceiling

Part nerdcore hip-hop written and performed by multi-hyphenated comedian. Part comedy written and performed by a believer in good hip-hop. All awesome (if you like things that are awesome).

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“Everything is Everything” DVD
Everything is Everything

This is a jam-packed DVD filled with Studio 8’s first feature-length film and lots of fun extras!

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“The Semi-Complete Guide to Sort of Being a Gentleman” Book
The Semi-Complete Guide to Sort of Being a Gentleman

This is Brock LaBorde’s first book. It’s a parody of self-help and etiquette books. It belongs on your coffee table.

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Terp2It “The Freshest Dude” Album
The Freshest Dude

It started with a to-do list and now look at Terp 2 it. An entire album of catchy hooks and sing-able anthems. (Somehow) A cross between nerdcore rap, pop rap and hardcore rap (trust me).

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