We’re making a documentary about Air Sex!


The Air Sex World Championships is one of my favorite live shows to be a part of.

For the past few years, I’ve judged it, I’ve watched it, I’ve toured with it all over America.

For some reason, though, I’ve never competed in it. Maybe because I’m too much of a wienie. Or maybe it’s because I’m a writer and that makes me more of a voyeur in life. I like to watch things and then make snarky comments about them to my friends (which is why I make a PERFECT Air Sex judge!).

Have no clue what Air Sex is or what I’m talking about? Check out this nifty little video from our Kickstarter page and then read on.

We all clear now about what Air Sex is? It’s kinda like karaoke, except you pretend to have sex with imaginary people/things. Cool.

So when I saw my first Air Sex show, it immediately stood out in my brain as a completely unique form of entertainment. The closest thing to it is modern professional wrestling, which, if you boil it down to its essence is just people watching other people pretend to hurt each other while they chase a hotly-coveted world title. Air Sex is just like that, only without the weekly flimsy storylines and without any physical contact between performers. But what Air Sex performers and professional wrestlers do onstage is tell a story – whether it be a blood feud between longtime rivals or a first date gone horribly wrong that ends in someone being fisted by space aliens.air sex

And what I love about both wrestling and Air Sex is that they allow me to turn my brain off, sit back, and enjoy the next unpredictable few hours of my life.

In short, Air Sex is this crazy mixture of improvisation, dance, acting, rhythm, comedic timing, dramatic subversion, sex appeal, perversion, experimentation, exploitation, eroticism, sexploitation, spiritualism…you get the picture. Once the show starts, it can go anywhere. And it often does. I’ve seen lazy Air Sex performances that were obviously barely cobbled together in the frazzled brains of drunk people who don’t remember getting up onstage. And I’ve seen carefully choreographed, raw, emotional, jaw-dropping Air Sex performances that left the entire crowd speechless (and possibly soiled in their crotch areas for various reasons).

And now I get to make a movie about it – a documentary that showcases the ups and downs of one of the weirdest, wildest touring stage shows in modern times.

Yesterday, Chris Trew (my business & creative partner and the host/producer of Air Sex) left New Orleans on the 2013 Air Sex East Coast Tour. Along with him was mega-talented filmmaker/director Jonathan Evans (who is documenting the entire thing) and Mikey Felton (my best friend and the guy who’s recording the sound and making the film’s music). They’re also joined on this journey by a few other fine comedians from our improv theater, The New Movement in New Orleans.

This leg of the tour will take them all over the right-most half of America and up into Canada in only three weeks. In August, we invade America’s West Coast (a two-week tour that I will hopefully be traveling on and judging!).

We’ve kicked off a VERY humble Kickstarter campaign to help us with some of the post-production costs, and we’ve got some great rewards for everyone who helps us out by donating. And if you donate, we’ll be posting tons of fun Kickstarter updates throughout the tour, so you’ll be the first to witness those there.

Obviously, it’s crazy to think that we can pull together a feature-length documentary for a budget of only $15,000, but well, we’ve done more with less than that before, so why not do it again? We’ve already managed to get some fun press like THIS ARTICLE and we’ve also won IndieWire’s Project of the Week, and we’re just getting started.

I don’t want this post to drag on too long, so I’ll wrap up now. I could talk about this show all day, but I should save some of it for the movie, I suppose.

So if you’re a fan of the silly projects that Studio 8 and TNM have produced in the past, if you’re a fan of original comedy, if you’re a fan of Chris Trew, if you’re somebody who likes sex, and/or if you’re just a rich person with too much money and you don’t know what to do with it all, DONATE TO OUR FILM!image

You can also share the link to our Kickstarter project on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever the hell apps and social networks that you like to spend your days scrolling through. Or you can give me $5 the next time you see me in real life and I promise it’ll wind up in the production pool for this movie.

Chris Trew and I have producing comedic content together since we met at LSU in 2001. We’ve learned a lot since then and we have no plans of stopping anytime soon. We’ve got a thousand more weird stories to tell and this is just one of the biggest ones we’ve tackled in a while.

As always, thanks to everyone who’s ever laughed at our jokes or supported our efforts and believed in our comedic vision. If we weren’t inspired by you and the rest of humanity, we wouldn’t be doing this. We hope to show you something that’s fun, surprising, and exciting. And very very sexy.

Stay tuned and be good people.

- Brock LaBorde, Producer of Air Sex: Making Love Out of Nothing At All

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