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This page contains most or all of the info regarding our project entitled “The Tommy Wi-Show.” The above playlist contains every video in the series (you should watch all of them right now!). Below you will find a constantly-updated list of press and interviews about it, as well as trailers, posters, behind-the-scene pics, fan-made videos, and anything else we decide to throw at you.

New episodes are released every Sunday on Machinima’s YouTube Channel and it features Tommy Wiseau, the director/producer/actor of the cult film “The Room,” and the lead actor in our Comedy Central project “The House That Drips Blood on Alex.”

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Tommy Wiseau as T.W.
Brock LaBorde as Alien
Barry McLaughlin & Java Marcheselli as Drone
Chris Trew as Future T.W.
Justine Ezarik as Herself
Megan Andry as Christmas Girl

Directed By
Payman Benz

Brock LaBorde
Jared Richard

Brock LaBorde
Matt Ingebretson
Chris Trew

Associate Producers
Lon Strickland
Micah Brooke

Director of Photography
Chris Darnell

Production Designer/Creature FX
Greg Aronowitz

Jared Richard

Original Score and Music by
Mikey Felton




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    YouTuber MustangSally72 created a FANTASTIC little music video mashup poop thingy, using footage from “The Room” and “The Tommy Wi-Show: Episode 3.” If he added in clips from “The House That Drips Blood on Alex,” my brain would implode out of my butthole. If this song was on iTunes, it would be on my damn iPod.

    Ever wanted to watch Tommy Wiseau watch some “My Little Pony” cartoons? Your long wait is over, thanks to YouTuber Vanacus, who created a fun video that shows you exactly that. It’s got a little too much “My Little Pony” action mixed into it, and Tommy seems to agree. But it’s still awesome.

    YouTuber BradysYTP has begun re-cutting all of the Wi-Show episodes into his own weird re-imagined mini-masterpieces, the second of which is below. We love that he’s doing this and hope that he does them forever.

    Somebody cut Tommy’s “Do a barrel roll” meme thingy into the original StarFox game. It works perfectly!

    Did the Wi-Show inspire you to make something silly and awesome? EMAIL US @ THETOMMYWISHOW@GMAIL.COM and let us know what you did and perhaps we will feature it here or on the show!

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