Studio 8's Tweets from the Week of 2010-03-28

  • LA peeps! Come see us in this show tonight! #
  • At this Internet Killed the Video Star event & its packed! All these people are gonna watch Uncle Terry hump the bed soon! #
  • Davey L. Hart stole the show this episode! #seasoncinco #
  • My Monday nights belong to #tna #impact & #wwe #raw. #
  • I just watched my roommate drink a huge glass of milk while eating a big ol' platter of nachos. #
  • Hey! Now you can buy a cool shirt with our theater's logo on it! More Studio 8 shirts to come! #
  • The Weird Al Yankovic biopic looks amazing. #
  • Silver Mercedes CA Lic. Plate # 5TXP042 almost ran me off the 101 just now. #dumbdriver #
  • Half a day of Studio 8 work, half a day of preproduction meetings for a feature film. My Wednesday! #
  • @chelcdyan When we redesigned our site last year, we axed all of the old Studio 8 satire archives. But maybe we could bring some back! #
  • @Syfy "Redder: Legend of the Blood Wolf" #
  • @chelcdyan Your wish is granted. All of our newspaper is now online for you to look at FOR FREE! #
  • Showed up early for the @deadlysyndrome show & I wish they were onstage already! Sheesh! #
  • If this video doesn't get you excited about #Wrestlemania 26, I don't know what. Fast forward thru the first 1/3 of it. #
  • Wrapping up another fun video for a client and just started editing the dumbest things I've ever seen Terp do. You're in for treats! #
  • Can anyone convert this awesome pair of button-fly jeans to zipper-based jeans? I really like these jeans except for their button-fly-ness. #
  • Taking it easy today cuz I know #Wrestlemania is gonna push my wig back tomorrow. Woot woot! #

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