Studio 8's Tweets from the Week of 2010-03-14

  • I hope everyone who really wants an award from the Academy wins one tonight. I think that's gonna happen…#oscars #
  • Word we should all use more this week: kowtow. #
  • If only there were some way to express myself to you people within this 140 character realm. Really, it's not enough to contain my feelings. #
  • @christrew IS that your foot watching the #oscars #
  • You know, statistically (in my head) not that many famous movie people died last year. Not bad! #oscar #
  • Honestly, is there anything more depressing than being gunned down outside of a Wal-Mart? Tell me one thing that's worse than that. #
  • @RyanneXo You just summed up all my Tweets! Curse you!! #
  • @paul1877 Is there really a corndog line? A): Why a line for corndogs? B:) Is Wal-Mart known for making good corndogs? C:) No room for a C. #
  • I want Oh-Hungee! #SeasonCinco #
  • "Pound some beave," "poke my mushroom thru this forest," & all the Will Forte stuff – all my faves! #SeasonCinco #
  • Soooo excited about the new #mondaynightwars starting up tonight! #
  • RT @geekweekonline SXSW 2010: And So It Begins – GeekWeek – Studio 8's Chris Trew wrote this! #
  • Casting a "mom" kind of lady for one of our next paid video gigs. Know anybody in the LA area who wants to get paid to act in a fun video? #
  • Why can't people ever overdose on marijuana? It's much healthier! #RIPCoreyHaim #
  • Thanks to all our new followers and supporters! We had so much fun with @christrew having #airsex on #bgc last night! #
  • Throughout the course of a day, I have to make A LOT of fart noises (with my mouth) to keep myself entertained. Should I be worried? #
  • Just shot 3 more Movie Monster videos with the talented @barryholiday! We have some sweet stuff in store! #
  • WE MADE THIS! —> RT @IntelNews: Are you a Man-tasker? Man-task your way through March Madness with Intel #mantasking #
  • @ijustine Whatever you do, look out for Mr. Austin! I hear he's doing lots of shows down there! – in reply to ijustine #
  • Feeling crummy today, but I've got a meeting with my agent. Why can't he uproot his entire agency & just come meet me @ my house, huh? #
  • I just found out u can preview the first 100 pages of my 1st book, "The Semi-Complete Guide to Being a Gentleman" here: #
  • Isn't it always "that time of the year again?" #

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