Studio 8 Update: June 2011


Oh goodness. Where have we Studio 8 boys been for the past year? Few new videos, sparse website updatings, hundreds of self-involved Tweets. Sheesh, do we suck!

Well, ever since Comedy Central aired our short film/TV pilot “The House That Drips Blood on Alex” last October, it’s afforded us with some cool opportunities and we’ve been super busy with some bigger projects that I’m going to briefly talk about here. Some of them are ongoing, some of them are up in the air. And all of them are awesome. Here we go!


The House That Drips Blood on Alex

Whoo boy, this has been one fun ongoing project. It’s definitely our most ambitious thing we’ve ever done and we have high hopes for it. Even though we initially wrote it as a one-off short film, we’ve been treating THTDBOA as a pilot presentation for an anthology horror series, starring Tommy Wiseau and lots of other fun actors from TV, the internet, and some people who just plain don’t belong on camera. So for the past few months, we’ve been pitching the show to lots of companies, and I can’t really say much more about the project except that we have written more episodes, and if you like what we did with the first one, wait until you see what we’ve got cooking for future episodes…

BONUS POLL QUESTION: If we were to auction off original props and swag from the actual THTDBOA film set, would you be interested in bidding on them? Tell me in the Comments Section below…


The Air Sex World Championships

Last month, we kicked off the third season of the Air Sex World Championships! This year, believe it or not, we actually secured our first company sponsor, Fleshlight, which is a really cool device that looks like a flashlight, but it acts just like a horny vagina. Chris Trew is still hosting the show and I’ve been touring a bit with him as the Longest-Running, Hardest-Working, Most Qualified Air Sex Judge in the World. We’ve done shows in LA, NY, Boston, and other places thus far, but we’ve got LOTS more cities to visit and hundreds of air-gasms to witness, so be sure to check the official Air Sex website to keep up with where we’re going next. We’ve also been posting all of the performances on the Air Sex YouTube page, so go there and get inspired. We also might have a super big reveal about this Air Sex Revolution and where it’s going next, but I have to shut up.


The Megaphone Marathons

If you’ve been reading this site and watching our videos for the past few years, surely you’ve seen us mention that we run not one, not two, but three improv training centers/comedy theaters called The New Movement Theater (in Austin, New Orleans, and Houston). We’ve even got a kickass sister theater named The Dallas Comedy House in Dallas (duh!).

Well, for the past two weekends, Chris Trew has organized a touring improv festival of sorts called The Megaphone Marathons. It’s roughly 100 improv shows in 4 cities over the course of 3 weekends. very ambitious and ridiculous.

Thus far, we’ve already done Houston and New Orleans. This weekend is Dallas and then it’s a super fun long weekend in Austin. I will actually be traveling to Austin to perform in many shows (June 15-20) live, onstage, in-person with all of our wonderful TNM Austin friends and students.

Check out the full schedule on the site and come watch us do our thing and then let’s all hug and kiss each other’s booties simply for the fuck of it!


You Are the Messiah!

A couple of months ago, my second book was published. It’s called “You Are the Messiah!” and it’s an interactive, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type of book in which you play Jesus Christ having adventures in the Bible days. I’ve been working on some fun videos and a neato website for it, so I haven’t been able to properly launch it out into the world.

Until now!

The site is live at, but I’ve still got many fun updates to put on it. If you go there now, you can read some info about it, look at the book’s Twitter account, and see a few places where you can order the physical book and/or download it onto your preferred reading devices. If this book gets enough support, I fully intend for it to launch a series of dorky interactive books that feature twisted retellings of various historical figures’ lives.


Other than all of the above stuff, I’ve personally spent the last year or so doing the following things:

  • working on a feature film called “Vamps” that we shot in Detroit (it’s a really cool movie directed by Amy Heckerling and it’s my first Associate Producer credit!),
  • living in Poland for over a month while we finished post-production on “Vamps”,
  • ending a 10-year relationship with my girlfriend, moving out of our house, and crashing on the floor of the Studio 8 house (after almost a year of living out of a suitcase, I finally have my own bedroom!),
  • picking up the shattered pieces of my life (I think I got all the pieces, but I may have missed a few, sorry.),
  • writing on some bigger projects (more on those at a later date!),
  • farting on friend’s heads,
  • producing some neat commercials with talented new comedic friends like Payman Benz from AwkwardPictures,
  • taking a thousand meetings about a thousand different projects,
  • dealing with the Macho Man’s death (I’m pretty much not kidding about that. I get bummed sometimes about it for some dumb reason. Especially when I watch the below video over and over.).



On top of everything, Chris has been so busy running our theaters that he hasn’t had time to visit LA to shoot any new videos with us. Not that we would have had much time to shoot and edit them anyway. So it’s been a different year than the previous few years, where we could shoot tons of videos and release 1 or 2 each and every week.

But now I’m back in the writing saddle and I’m already cranking out scripts and ideas for new stuff. I don’t know if we’ll push out a video a week, but maybe so.

It’s going to be a fun year. Happy to show you people a bunch of dorkiness in the coming months.

BONUS! You want to see me eating some morsels? Here ya go!

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