Studio 8 Fall 2007 Production Blog #2


Hoo, boy.

Sorry I’ve been missing days here and there on this blog, but it’s been a busy time. On Christmas Eve, we shot 3 new episodes of Mr. White, another sketch, some commercials, sheesh, I forget.

Today, we filmed stuff for AskaChola and in turn, she filmed 2 fun things for us. Terp did a commercial that will be so retarded when it’s all cut up.

Tomorrow, we hope to film 2 episodes of “Could It Get Any Worse?” and it will be the best episodes of that that we’ve ever done, so that’s exciting. Editing all of this stuff will begin within a week or so, but we probably won’t release any of it for a few weeks because we still have other things to release before then.

Hmmm…it’s too late to write anything else. We have a live show at the end of this week and it’s a rare and scary thing.

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