Studio 8 Fall 2007 Production Blog #1


Oops! We were supposed to start this a few days ago when Chris Trew first got to LA, but we’ve been so busy, we forgot. I want to hijack this blog and use it as a production diary of sorts while we bust our asses filming 1,000 new things over the holiday.

Terp landed late Monday and we spent that night and most of Tuesday writing and planning out our schedule for the next 3 weeks.

On Wednesday, iJustine came over and we shot a Christmas video (that will hopefully be released BEFORE Christmas) and we shot another sketch (which was about farts).

Today, we shot 2 episodes of a new series that is really goofy AND we shot another little weird, gross video that will confuse people and make them barf a little bit.

Tomorrow, we’re supposed to shoot one or two more episodes of “Could It Get Any Worse?”. But it might get re-scheduled so we can do something else. The weather is funky.

Brookers released a video today that we shot with her last week and we released a live Terp 2 It performance video. Super duper busy too many things happening so much going on all at once!


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