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Hello and welcome to the new Studio8.net, which promises to be more like the old Studio8.net than ever before. We’ve done away with our video-centric format and rebuilt this site from scratch to become a new playground for all the badass talent that’s bubbling out of our comedy theaters, The New Movement, in Austin and New Orleans.

This site will be edited by Studio 8/TNM founders Brock LaBorde and Chris Trew, as well as comedian, writer and editor Lauren LaBorde. Let’s be clear about one thing right off the bat: It’s a sheer coincidence that Brock and Lauren have the same last name. They are not married or brother and sister. Chris Trew is husband and father to both of them.

This is their time to shine as editors, and as you’ll soon see, they’re taking the job very seriously.

Brock LaBorde, Editor-In-Chief
“Ah,” the boat captain thought, smelling all kinds of sea smells. “It’s good to be a captain.”
I imagine being a boat captain feels a lot like being a website editor. It’s not a job for everyone. But lucky for you, I’m just that someone.
But who am I?
I’m a simple man who’s willing to promise anything to anyone. It’s the way my grandfather taught my father to teach me how to be. And once something’s been passed down through two generations, there’s no reason to ever question it again. So here comes a massive pile of promises that I promise to try and keep while running this tight ship of a website with my fellow captains, Lauren and Chris.
From this moment forth, on this website (Studio8.net), I promise (all of) you that (most of) you will (almost) never find:
– crude content that makes light of passing farts, butt feces, or other necessary digestive processes that none of us can help that we have to do every day,
– teenaged-style humor that pulls any kinds of goofs, ribs, or tricks on unsuspecting people unless they mostly deserve it,
– inappropriate curse words and pictures of fetish stuff that I’m into but am uncomfortable with people knowing about,
– ANY type of news about, mentions of, or references to that s- of a b- George Clooney,
– those internet videos of other people watching other internet videos and then making jokey comments as if we care,
words in italics.
Lauren LaBorde, Editor 
First, I want to clear something up about my relationship with my fellow editors: unlike what was stated above, Brock and I are both married and brother and sister, like The White Stripes. Chris Trew is Brock’s brotherhusband and my father.
What can I promise? Besides our bloodlines, Chris and Brock have involved me in this project because of my years of experience as a successful Content Specialist. I have helped many Brands create Content, and I promise to do the same for Studio8 dot net. I will lend my expertise to this Content Site to:
– generate Content
– increase Engagement, Likes and Shares
– leverage Trends
– Social Platforms
– Galvanize a Fanbase of Qualified Users
– Ideation
– improve SEO and Search Engine Rankings
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Chris Trew, Custodian
Great writers are great at a lot of things, most notably writing. But the greatest of writers are more known for their ability to make the hard look easy, to make the soft look hard, and most importantly, to clean up after others.
I’m well aware that sometimes my role on Studio8.net will be to lead the charge. To take a comedy idea nugget and cook it until it develops into a box of comedy nuggets. Other times it will be take a tiny piece of a comedy idea and groom it into a beautiful looking comedy bombshell.
This week, my role is Custodian. The last one out the building, cleaning up the messes left by the others but never holding it against them.
Brock, Lauren, I am disappointed in the mess you left for me here today in our first ever Unedited Letters from the Editors.
Brock, if you’re going to compare website editing to boat captaining you have to at least compare the amount of dead things on the dark, scary ocean floor to the amount of dead comedy websites on the dark, scary internet floor.
Lauren, I like your idea of generating content but I’m not completely sold on the idea of creating content. We’ll talk about this at our next content strategy sit down.

So there you have it, written in computer code ink on the electronic paper that this website is printed on. Once you finish this paragraph, click around and peek at the rest of the site. It’s just a baby of what it will be, but we have a lot of fun things in store for you to read and watch and hear, so check back daily.

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