Fun With eBay #2 – Lot of 12 Damaged Nose with Glasses


eBay is filled with the hopes, dreams, and worthless trinkets of a billion suckers and cyber-hucksters. And while it’s encouraging as a green-blooded American to witness such a vast, unbridled display of free enterprise and blind consumerism, some e-auctioneers deserve to be fiddled with.
Thus, we’ve created Studio 8’s Fun With eBay – a ruthless social experiment in which we basically seek out nerdy auctions and then ask the sellers a bunch of stupid questions.
Shall we?

Auction 1
: Dickey White Turtleneck Christmas HoHoHo Sweater


DESCRIPTION: This auction is for a new, with tags, white turtleneck dickey for the Christmas holiday season. It has the words HoHoHo printed on the collar with some gold glitter and 4 red rhinestones. One size fits all. This looks terrific under a shirt, sweater or sweatshirt. It is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester knit. I have more of this design if you want more for gifts. Also, I have other designs….check out my other auctions.

Studio 8: Will this diaper fit an infant of larger proportions? My infant is rather big for her age. She’s an angel, though. Please answer this rather quickly.
Them: This is NOT a diaper. Please read the description. A Dickey is worn under a crewneck sweatshirt or sweater to give a layered look of a turtleneck shirt.
Studio 8: As I said in my original questioning, my child is growing too enormous for a normal diaper to contain her frequent movements. Therefore, I must seek out more different methods and garments for her to put on under her mini-skirts and such.
I mean no offense by calling your sweater a diaper, but I have to make things work for my children when they do not work out so well all the time by normal means. If you would not want me to use this item like a diaper, I will search elsewhere.
Them: I don’t know how you would use this as a diaper! It is basically a turtleneck shirt with the sleeves and most of the body of the shirt removed. So this ‘piece of material’ has a hole to go over the head.
If you need a larger diaper, check into ‘adult’ size diapers for incontinence…ask at the drug store…or train her. Saw on CNN the last week where they are potty-training kids at about 6 weeks old now.
Also…I would think there would be less expensive items to use for diapers. Don’t write back.
The Final Verdict: NOT FUN.
Some people are soooo sensitive about their fake neck coverings! It’s my god-given, god-forsaken right to use any piece of clothing in whatever manner I desire on my imaginary baby’s body. Anything can be a diaper. “Don’t write back.” Yeah right. Don’t tell me what can or can’t absorb my child’s diaper chemicals. We wouldn’t write back to this jerk even if he would allow us to do that.

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