Studio 8 Update: June 2011

Oh goodness. Where have we Studio 8 boys been for the past year? Few new videos, sparse website updatings, hundreds of self-involved Tweets. Sheesh, do we suck!

Well, ever since Comedy Central aired our short film/TV pilot “The House That Drips Blood on Alex” last October, it’s afforded us with some cool opportunities and we’ve been super busy with some bigger projects that I’m going to briefly talk about here. Some of them are ongoing, some of them are up in the air. And all of them are awesome. Here we go!


The House That Drips Blood on Alex

Whoo boy, this has been one fun ongoing project. It’s definitely our most ambitious thing we’ve ever done and we have high hopes for it. Even though we initially wrote it as a one-off short film, we’ve been treating THTDBOA as a pilot presentation for an anthology horror series, starring Tommy Wiseau and lots of other fun actors from TV, the internet, and some people who just plain don’t belong on camera. So for the past few months, we’ve been pitching the show to lots of companies, and I can’t really say much more about the project except that we have written more episodes, and if you like what we did with the first one, wait until you see what we’ve got cooking for future episodes…

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The Sean Patton Collection

Studio 8 has had the enviable pleasure of working with standup comedian Sean Patton for many years now.

Mean mug.

We’ve shot videos with him, we’ve written TV pilots with him, we’ve even performed onstage with him in various standup, sketch, and improv shows. Hell, next month, Terp is going on tour with Sean Patton and Kyle Kinane (view details of that HERE). Anyway, you may recognize Sean’s name and/or cute face as one of the brightest up-and-coming standup comedy dudes on the planet. I won’t delve into his impressive resume…that’s what his narcissistic website up above is for.

What I do want to talk about is the sad fact that you can’t watch most of the stuff we’ve produced with Sean over the years. Mostly that’s because many of the videos we’ve done with him were sold to websites like and we can’t use their video code in our website except as simple embeddings within posts. In other words, if you click on “Videos” up on our menu, all of what you see has been uploaded to YouTube and then integrated into the inner workings of our website (we love YouTube!). And since Break won’t allow us to upload the videos they bought from us onto other sites, they have to live forever in their old, shitty non-HD forms on sites like Break.

Until now. I went ahead and uploaded the videos in question to Vimeo and below you will find them embedded in slightly higher quality, along with all the other videos that we’ve put up on YouTube (which are also not really in great HD form because many of the videos weren’t shot in HD).
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Comic-Con= Success!


This FlickR photo set might not do it justice, but boy oh boy, this past weekend was crazy. The first-ever screening of The House That Drips Blood on Alex went down on Saturday night where the line was wrapped around the corner and then again around the next corner.

There was action everywhere all weekend. People flocking to Tommy and Joey and saying nice things about the project, loving the show and wanting more. A big fat sincere Thank You to everyone who supported Studio8 this weekend. If you’re new to the site, please head to our videos page to see what else we’ve been up to. We’re also on Facebook and a collection of our Twitter accounts are below!


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Terp & Brock Talk About Wrestling (Week of 3/29/10)

Brock and Chris take their Monday Night Wars podcast over to the Hey Terp! Podcast, where they discuss falling asleep during TNA and all the happiness and sadness they felt during Wrestlemania 26.

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