Many Snakes on One Plane!

Studio 8 hasn’t jumped on the ol’ e-wagon and poked fun at The Snakes on the Airplane movie. Does this make us lame? Are we ignoring a huge punching bag that seems really fun to punch, and instead, throwing jabs at other, unpopular things? Does something so campy deserve any further ridicule? Will this audience-driven movie usher in a fun new wave of movie-making? When will people stop being frightened of venomous snakes and learn to love them like cuddly housepets?

Remember Anaconda? That was this SoaP movie but with J. Lo’s ass instead of an airplane and with anacondas instead of snakes! Ha! That is a funny joke! It is on the internet, adding to the junk heap! Now I have made fun of Airplanes Full of Snake Dangers and can rest. Thank you, blog.

These are the things I think about. All the things. I can think of nothing else because my brain is broken.

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