Terp's Wrestling Blog: The Best and Worst of this week's ECW, Superstars and Smackdown

Since I spent all week on the beach drinking martinis with some of the hottest ladies on the earth I had to wait to watch ECW, Superstars and Smackdown. When my limosuine brought me home from the Carribean I got in bed, turned on my computer and picked out the Best and Worst of the week. At the bottom of this here post, I announce a new feature for this here blog.

Good: Smackdown’s Opening Segment
Chris Jericho’s promo is really good because you don’t know who is going to come out and retaliate and it probably won’t matter. Lucky for us it’s Edge. It’s a sure sign of risk-taking when we get bad guys going against bad guys. The furthest I remember them ever taking such a fued was Rick the Model vs. Shawn Michaels in 1992 with the “No punching in the face” stipulation. Chris Jericho just climbed all the way to #2 in my highly-competitive and much-discussed-at-parties favorite wrestlers rankings. When I realize Edge is #1 and they are both on Smackdown, I look in the mirror and nod. If this year’s Summerslam is a callback to 92’s, I’ll jump really high.

Bad: The Half-Assed Tommy Dreamer Push
Tommy Dreamer walks onto the ramp, dryly mouths “wow” and the announcers begin ramming down our throat how big of a moment this is for him. “He’s from New York! He used to ride his bike to Madison Square Garden!” I realize that Jack Swagger and I are on the same page when he calls Dreamer a joke. Side note: There is a decent opportunity here for Dreamer to go out with a bang and put someone over. Are the video monkeys working overtime right now putting together the Tommy Dreamer highlight reel? Also, what’s on that reel?

Good: All the Backlash memories
It’s a pretty good sign that all four shows this week spent a significant amount of time showing clips from Backlash. The bookers must be proud of the show, which they should be. I won’t be watching Judgment Day but if it’s as good as Backlash, there’s a chance that for the first time in the history of pay-per-view wrestling that somebody will order the re-broadcast.

Bad: Greg Helms interview on ECW

Segments like this are what makes me slide down my chair in embarassment. Not only is Evan Bourne obviously reading from cue cards, but he’s just regurgitating information that was already thrown up earlier in the show. Paul Burchill vomits on to the scene in Evan’s direct line of sight, but since he’s so focused on his script he doesn’t see him until the camera pulls back. And then we get this bile:

“Last week you got lucky, this week (dramatic pause) (more pause) (still pausing, searching for punchline) YOU’RE LUCK RUNS OUT!” You can hear the t-shirt people in WWE not rushing to their computers to print this out.

Good: Random Mark Henry promo on WWE Superstars
I’m a simple guy – sometimes all it takes for me to get excited about a wrestler is a cleverly put together video. I hope we see more of these on WWE Superstars. It’s the easiest way to put together quality pay-per-view events– always elevate your mid-carders! That’s the point isn’t it?

I’ve got some nice stuff in the works for this blog, including a Mail Bag, where I’ll answer questions that you guys send in. You can drop them in the comments below or you can email directly, ceo@studio8.net.

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